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Mead-Barreled Rum Release

What do you get when you cross Vanilla Ancho Chili Mead with Aged Single Barrel Copper Bottom Rum?

A: Our newest Beer Barreled Rum!

That's right! June is bringing on the heat, and with it comes our limited edition Beer Barreled Rum in partnership with Odd Elixir Meads from DeLand, Florida.

In this Beer Barreled Rum collaboration, Odd Elixir Meads filled a Copper Bottom rum barrel (formerly a whiskey barrel) to age their Vanilla Ancho Chili Mead. After 12 months, they released this aged mead and returned the barrel to our distillery. Next, we added our aged rum to the barrel for another 9 months of aging. The results? A first-of-its-kind aged rum with notes of honey, vanilla and chili - without the heat. If you didn't know any better, you'd probably assume you were tasting a fantastic whiskey! It's delicious, and our head distiller says this might be his favorite collaboration so far!

We launched the Beer Barreled Rum series In an effort to collaborate with local breweries and meaderies and create one-of-a-kind spirits together. Each release is a hand-numbered limited edition, and is only available while supplies last. This partnership with Odd Elixir Meads marks our third release in the Beer Barreled Rum series, which produced 330 bottles. In 2018, Copper Bottom released two Beer Barreled Rums: first, in partnership with Tomoka Brewing Co. using a Russian Imperial Stout; and second, in partnership with Wops Hops Brewing Co. using a Coconut Ale. The collaboration results have been extremely positive, resulting in sellouts within weeks of their initial release. This newest release is on the same track!

Our family offers free tours and tastings daily, and you are encouraged to sample our Beer Barreled Rum during your visit. This Beer Barreled Rum series is a fun and unique collaboration that we are so proud of! It's a great opportunity to show off the talented breweries and meaderies in our area, and it also produces fantastic Copper Bottom Rum!

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