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Copper Bottom Hand Sanitizer FAQ's

Update: We are no longer selling or donating hand sanitizer. Thank you to everyone who helped support these efforts!

Thank you for the overwhelming response of support and gratitude as we venture this new territory of making and distributing hand sanitizer to those in need. Below is a list of commonly asked questions for your reference:

Is hand sanitizer available to anyone?

Yes, we are limiting individuals to 4oz bottles of sanitizer per person. Our largest need is with the health care industry and first responders who need bulk supply, however individuals are still able to pick up sanitizer while supplies last.

What hours are you open for picking up sanitizer?

We are open Wednesday-Saturday from noon to 7 p.m., however supply often runs out before the close of the day. We encourage you to follow us on facebook for announcements regarding supply.

Can I make a donation?

Absolutely! It is much needed at this time. The cost of goods to produce alcohol is incredibly high, so financial donations are welcome to be made here. If you are in the area and would like to drop off donations, we are accepting hydrogen peroxide and white table (standard, granulated) sugar at this time. For the time being, we are stocked on bottles and Xantham Gum.

Can I pick up extra bottles for my family?

In order to continue supplying for as many individuals as possible, we are asking for you to only take one bottle at a time. We can do more to meet your needs in the long run this way.

Do I have to bring my own bottle for filling?

No. We have had thousands of bottles donated by friends and businesses in the community. Our largest donation of 5,000 bottles came from Dermacare Research Labs.

Can you ship bottles of sanitizer?

No. Unfortunately we are unable to ship hand sanitizer to you due to our limited supply.

We are a hospital/health care clinic/first responder unit in need of bulk supply. Are we able to pick this up from you?

At this time, the health care industry and first responders are our top priority. We are in the very early stages of building up enough volume to provide for those on the front lines of this pandemic. If you are able, please bring by bottles to be filled over time: with your name, phone number and hospital/department information for prioritization. We will call you as they are available to be picked up. We appreciate your hard work during this difficult time and we are doing our best to meet demand, however we ask for your patience as we continue this process.

I work in an assisted living building/apartment/community. Can we pick up bulk supply for our residents?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer bulk supply at this time. However we encourage you to pick up 2-3 bottles per day to use as needed. We can do much more for you over the course of days/weeks than we can all up front at once. Please arrive with your ID or assisted living information for reference.

Does this sanitizer follow the CDC recommendations?

Yes. The CDC recommends alcohol of 60% or higher, and ours is a safe 75% alcohol solution. The ingredients are ethanol, water and Xantham Gum, which is used as a safe and effective thickening agent.

Can I buy bulk alcohol or sanitizer solution?

No. At this time we do not have enough volume to sell bulk quantities.

How do I use hand sanitizer?

It is for external use only and not recommended to be used near eyes. It is not made for ingestion and should only be used when soap and running water are unavailable. It is flammable.

Can I volunteer to help?

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